Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free File - Fillible Forms From the IRS!

It's your Birthday - It's your Birthday - It's your Birthday - It's Your Birthday!!!! WEE HO!

If you can read instructions, you can file your Tax Return for ***FREE***
The Year of the Taxpayer!
  • Low Income, you are eligible for Earned Income Credit, in 8 days you can have your Federal Tax Return for 2008 for Free. This means the $300.00 - $600.00 you would be charged in preparation and loan fees will be back in your home and family where it belongs.
  • Consider yourself middle class in terms of pay? Do you know you are going to owe a little cheese to SAMMY, and now you are hacked off because you know you gotta pay some little twerp who just learned how to enter data in a machine around $100.00 bucks [or for some of us the $30.00 we may pay for "Free File" using other companies software] to do your return - AND have to pay in too...You can file free. All the forms you need are there. All instructions for each form are viewable while you are on that form. FREE *
  • Tax person * hate filing your taxes where you work? Like keeping your financial business to yourself? YOU WILL LOVE THIS.
  • Old School? - You know how to do your simple tax return on paper and by-Jobie that is the only true way? If you aren't familiar with the computer, ask that grand baby to show you how to get to the IRS website. Instructions are to follow:
  • Haven't done your taxes for a few years? You can go back and do every year FREE. Do you know how much money this will save you? For those who were scrambling to file for the Stimulus check, and you didn't get it done, now is a good time to finish. If you can read instructions. You can do this.
  • Rich? HATE giving anyone a penny to do what you may be able to do yourself? Do you wait until April 15Th [traditionally] to do your taxes to put off paying Uncle SAMMY, and the Big Twerp CPA who has been gouging you every year and you are ready to put it in his/her eye? Here is your chance...If you are High Income, you probably need to wait until the middle of March 2009 to do your Tax Return. This is when 2008 Tax Law Changes are done, and all Forms will be available.
  • Love to File Extensions? Hate to pay $25.00 - $50.00 or more for that pleasure? You can electronically file an Extension. How much? FREE!
  • Seniors - Disabled - Not required to file, you can file if you want to, just to stay in the system. Free * Free * Free

Go to www.irs.gov click on the "Individual" Tab. Under the picture of the happy mixed family at the picnic table, the third item down (02/02/09) is a Link to Free File. At the top of Free File page it gives options for Your choosing a Tax Software or letting the IRS find a company for you. The next option is Choose Your Forms, click on that. It will advise you that you are leaving the IRS website, go ahead. You will come to a simple pretty blue form 1040. Have your last year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) - that is the bottom line on the front page of your Last Year's Tax Return (2007). Come up with a pin number. Most choose last 5 of the Social Securtiy Number, because you always have it and can remember it. Choose your forms. If you are not sure if you will need a form, go ahead and choose it, you can delete it later. Come back later for further instructions....

If you have any questions. Leave them here, and I will do my best to get your Answer - This Year is the Year of the Tax Payer, because I am working for Free doing this as well. Any income I would earn is by over a thousand visits to my page...[maybe April 14Th huh?]. Really, let me help, this Old Grizzly knows her stuff! I have resources and training, that I get from the IRS. I am an approved e-file company. This is my Karma building year, and Americans and Visitor workers need all the Helps and benefits they can get.

For confidentiality - email: grizzly.bear@att.net

***Case examples from all past years may be used without names or any identifying features. Due Diligence is Primary! Any questions intended to commit fraud? Don't ask me, because I will advise you to the illegality and possible punishments. -0- Tolerance. Honest questions - Priceless! :8 - ) ***

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