Friday, January 16, 2009

Ready, Set, GO! They're off and Running today!

Good Morning tax payers, and tax professionals.

Today is the day it all begins. The I.R.S. will begin accepting all those tax returns from all those who have simple tax returns.

The only individuals who should be ready to file today, 1). w-2's are the only source of income, and you have gotten them all. ["forgetting" about that w-2 from that one little part-time job because they take too long is a bad idea]. 2). Your income is under $32,000.00, you own no home, or any other deductions. 3). You didn't have any unemployment, royalties, investment income or were self-employed.

Keep in mind; Congress is still working on Tax Law and Code changes for 2008 Tax Year. For the $28,000.00 income and up, I would advise waiting until February 15th before filling. The 'tax year' is pretty much solid by then.

For the low income individuals and families who are eligible for large sums of Earned Income Credit, please try to avoid getting your money in 1 day. You can wait 9 more days and save 200.00 - 400.00 in "loan fees". If you could wait an entire year, you can wait 10 days. The tax operations like Jackson Hewitt, H & R Block, JPL, Liberty make their biggest profits off of the poorest people.

Those Rapid or Instant refunds are not refunds. They are loans at 32% - 383.% interest. I have a few words to say about that, but I am keeping this family friendly.

Have Questions? Worried that the tax person you hired is not giving to you straight? Is it better to go "long form" or short? Can I claim my baby momma baby? Please Post your Questions here. If you can get that Let's talk to work, send me your Questions. Normally you would be paying good money for this service, but this is The Year. I am offering these services for Free. The only source of income would be if I get enough traffic coming to this site. My ultimate goal is to build good karma and open my offices next tax season.

I will be offering TaxSlayer, because as a professional, and a tax payer it is the simplest Free File ware out there. When/If you choose Free File, always approach these tax firms through the IRS website. It is safer.

Do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any assistance to you: WoodSmoke - Lori