Monday, September 6, 2010

Tax Tips For Small Business, Small Tax-Exempt, TAA and PBGC Recipients.

(link)Small Tax-Exempt Have until October 15th! One Time Offer If your tax-exempt or non-profit has not filed this simple informational form with the IRS, you stand a chance of losing your status. This is a One Time offer by the IRS, to help you get what is needed done for compliance.

(LINK) e-postcard - FORM 990 - Organizational - Don't lose your status.

(link) Health Coverage Tax Credit Program - TAA or PBGC Recipients Eligible

(link) IRS - HCTC: Health Coverage Tax Credit - June 2010

(link) What the HCTC is... = Health Coverage Tax Credit

(link) HCTC: Eligibility & Benefits - Monthly & Annually - How it Works


(link) IRS - YouTube - Sm Business Tax Credit 2010 - April 2010, As a Small Employer, or Tax-Exempt Group -  (less than 25 employees) that pays at least HALF of employees health Insurance premiums for your employees. For profit, will get up to a 35% credit. [Small Business General Tax Credit].

 For tax exempt employers, the IRS will give you more information on how to claim an up to 25% credit of premiums paid for your staff. 

(link) IRS - YouTube - Sign Language of Small Business Tax Credit

Small Business Tax Credit - More Explanation by the IRS - YouTube - Starting 2010 Through 2013

(link) Phasing In & Out of Employer Contribution to Employees Health Care Premiums
by Cook, Martin, Poulson


(link) Health Care Choices You May Make in 2011 - HSA

This is a Hub I wrote regarding a lot of hype and untruth meant to scare individuals into not taking advantage of the changes in how Health Care Plans will be charged and managed. There are links to the new website

 (LINK) WWW. HEALTHCARE . GOV - find your State and General Information