Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nationwide Free Tax Preparation Site List

Announcing National Tax Preparation sites to prepare taxes for free. This is a public service announced by The National Women's Law Center. 

The link above, is to the IRS website. If you have trouble understanding how to follow the links, you can call 1-800-906-9887 for help in finding participating VITA providers.

2008 Publication 4491 (Student Training Guide Kit, VITA-TCE 2008 Comprehensive Problems & Exercises Workbook, 2008 Volunteer Assistor's Test/Retest)

"The IRS sponsors the VITA program, which offers free tax help for families earning around $49,000 or less, and, in partnership with AARP, the Tax Aide program, which assists elderly tax filers in communities around the country. In addition, the military coordinates VITA services. Many VITA or Tax Aide sites offer e-filing, which allows families to receive their refunds even faster. " By NWLC

It is important that all citizens understand the credits and deductions available to them. Especially the poorest among us...The Children, and/y los hijos. Please click on the links for information to help those who need it the most.

Returns are filed electronically, and it does not take long for the IRS to process refunds.

Wait a few more days to keep from paying for those quick loans. Save your money, make a garden for your family and community. In order to grow families, they must have access to un-modified food, grown locally.

 Just some suggestions...The very best to each and every family.

Friday, January 28, 2011

IRS offers new Interactive tax assistant, new free search for tax law questions

IRS offers new Interactive Tax Assistant, new free search for Tax Law questions, and offers a down-loadable copy of your research!

The Internal Revenue Website (IRS), has always had an excellent search box, located on the upper right hand corner of the IRS website, within their own site for individuals, tax professionals, and Tax Law practitioners  , The Interactive Tax Assistant is a Tax Law Resource tool that goes beyond a simple How To Search. This is geared more toward the Tax Professional, Tax Lawyer, CPA, Enrolled Agent, and possibly IRS staff could make use of this friendly tool. 

Sharp EL-2630PIII Deluxe Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator with Clock and Calendar

This new toy for the Tax People among us. Us nerds, who wait anxiously, during February to get our ink-stained, paper-cut fingers, on the new Publication 17. (It is easily accessible on the www. website, and down-loadable in PDF format today. The Pub 17 as it is loving called is still available in paper, and on disc too

When Congress completes creating Tax Law Changes for the prior and upcoming tax years, it is when Tax Professionals come to life. Like bats in a cave, sleeping during the day, it appears there is not even a heartbeat among them. April 15, hails the end of the tax season. There are the extension filers and trouble cases that go through a good part of the year, but then it settles down to a mere trickle. Then, the second week of February comes, and it is on.

Then, the sounding bell rings through Tax-dom, "Congress has recessed, Congress has recessed, we may begin filing!"

The madness begins, and with many new tax law changes during this historical 2010-2011 session, we are seeing many breaks for businesses who withhold and match FICA for employees. Employees themselves are getting big relief. It is a huge break across the board. 

This year Tax Professionals will be held responsible for collecting and verifying every legal deduction taken. In years past, a CPA, or Tax preparer could have relied on the, "assume they are telling the truth rule", but so many Tax Professionals helped their clients fudge, that new rules came into affect.

Bars and Restaurants, IRS Audit Protection and Survival Guide

The Interactive Tax Assistant tool, from the IRS, offers an easy and reliable source of research, that can take the pressure off of the Tax Pro, while assisting the Taxpayer/Client in having their books, K-1's, LLC's, Estate Tax Changes, and more. There are many US Taxpayers who have been able to bully an accountant, or preparer into doing his will, more than what the Tax Code says. This takes the pressure off. 

Another benefit that can be seen with this tool, are for a client's benefit. While preparing the books of a Company, Partnership, LLC or any other entity, if there are deductions or credits that are "red flags" or often get audited, while the Tax Pro knows this a legitimate expense or claim, this would appear to be a very helpful tool. 

Surviving an IRS Tax Audit

When pre-answering questions that may be asked in an Audit or a Letter from the IRS, requesting more information in a tax matter this could be a time and worry saver all the way around. 

This blog has always been at the basic level, and on a higher professional level there are probably many other ways this tool can be implemented. 

Review of Tool - 

  • Search must be by legal language or positioning phrases of Tax code or law.
I had a legal question that I needed to know for a close friend. It was in regards to the taxability of   an insurance settlement of an Estate of a Deceased descendant. 

On my first try, I used the standard Search criteria used for Google searches. 
Q. Is income from an Estate settlement taxable?
A. Came up with the topic of Income types, statuses; the basics of Income definition as they are applied to status, etc.

My next step, was to search closer to the subject, using regular search methods.
Q. Taxable Income from an Estate settlement.
A. Again, I got types of income, and a few other partially related topics.

Federal Income Tax: Code and Regulations--Selected Sections (2009-2010)

Then, I asked in the wording used in Tax Code.
Q. Estate, taxes, settlements
A. Estate information came up the first time, When I returned to redo my process for this blog post, only standard information for types of income came up, but it quickly linked me to the information I was seeking.

The IRS has advanced with technology, and is helping taxpayer, take more responsibility in their taxes, while offering more tools for a subject, that makes the standard non-tax-nerd, roll their eyes to the back of their head, and leave. Way to go y'all. Thanks for making it a little easier.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taxpayers who itemize, can file on Valentines Day, sweet

Wondering if this will delay kisses and hugs sent on-line on this very romantic holiday?
<3  ~ * ~   <3
There is a one day reprieve. Those who fill out the "long form" or itemize their US Federal Tax return will be able to file one day earlier than previously announced. Perhaps all of those loving and romantic Congresspersons, and Senators, would like to make it home in time to pour out their love and compassion on their Significant Other's. The majority are so loving, and filled with compassion, it would not be a surprise to see a new National Holiday! Don't call it tax day any longer, call it Love Day. Make this a tradition, so this time of tax reckoning will become a giant love fest! Thank you Representatives and Senators for putting the American majority in mind. Thank you for always putting the majority of your constituents first. Wow, I feel like playing the Star Spangled Banner! 
Tattooed Hearts & Broken Promisses
Go to for the most up to date announcements, or come back anytime.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taxpayers who Itemize must wait until February 15, 2011 to file

There are many people in an uproar over this, here January 18, 2011. So many Americans are in the rut of over withholding all year long, they are desperate to get this big payoff, right in January. This is the same as it always is, except, before Taxpayers could rush in, with partial information, getting large loans on a projected income, that never comes, saying they will just do a 1040X. 

In order to itemize, when you prepare, or pay someone else to file your 2010 taxes, you will be required to produce that evidence to the preparer, or IRS. Tax preparers, will no longer take the risk that the taxpayer has all of the figures needed, and lets file those taxes. It has become a mad game of give and git. The American taxpayers are doing themselves a grave injustice with financing the US Treasury.

Many American Taxpayers do not realize they can be fined for over withholding as easily as under withholding. The IRS does not prefer taxpayers to use the US Treasury as a savings account. Why, would anyone loan out thousands of dollars per year interest free, while paying around 23% interest to use their own purchasing power or money?

For those who think they are benefiting their financial means at all, I must say, NO! You are robbing yourself of Double the money! 

I have heard, listened and given some understanding to the practice, but it is a very harmful financial practice. What has started taxpayers on the road to poverty, are these type of practices, without realizing how much they are shorting themselves. Most Americans live on credit, or they did until 2009.

Millions of Americans loan thousands of dollars per year to the US Treasury, interest free. The thing that is strange, is that these same individuals pay around 23% interest to use their own money, all year long.

Inside the US Treasury Market

Paying tax on income, means you do your best to break even, or be very close. A taxpayer who has worked in the same income for more than one tax year, knows what he/she was required to pay in taxes. Or what their taxable income was for the prior year. This means, that the next year, you must pay in at least 90% of the taxes you paid the previous year. No more, no less.

There are reasons why one year can change drastically from the next. By keeping up with how much income tax, social security and Medicare, is being paid in through the year, one may stay within dollars of what they will owe, or be refunded when it comes time to divvy up at the tax table.

The IRS website, located at has all the tools a taxpayer, or prospective taxpayer would need to keep up with how to optimize their entire financial outlook. The one tool that is rarely used, is the IRS Withholding Calculator. When using the IRS Withholding Calculator, found under the Individual Tab, and about 5 paragraphs down, you will know how much you have paid in, and how much is required, depending on your projected income. Projected is important, because you may like to do the majority of your withholding from day one of the new tax year. Something can happen, where your income increases, or decreases greatly. When this happens, it is time to adjust withholding correctly. At the end of each session of the IRS Withholding Calculator, you are offered an opportunity or chance to print off and download a new W-4. 

Financial Alchemy in Crisis: The Great Liquidity Illusion

It is important that the taxpayer keep up with their own withholding throughout the year. If an employer under withheld, or did not pay in the Social Security, and/or Medicare, the individual taxpayer will be held responsible.

I understand it is not prestigious to live within ones means. It seems an illusive image American taxpayers have created for themselves. Somehow it is more fab, more popular, more 'with it' to charge purchases, living on credit, until someone else pulls the plug.

The average refund of those getting money back is about $3,000.00 per year. That is about $57.00 per week, $250.00 per month extra each taxpayer could have throughout their year. The only thing is, it isn't flashy, or doesn't carry with it some kind of image Americans think they must fit. Double your money, stop over withholding, and cut up those credit cards. They are NOT for Emergencies.