Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taxpayers who itemize, can file on Valentines Day, sweet

Wondering if this will delay kisses and hugs sent on-line on this very romantic holiday?
<3  ~ * ~   <3
There is a one day reprieve. Those who fill out the "long form" or itemize their US Federal Tax return will be able to file one day earlier than previously announced. Perhaps all of those loving and romantic Congresspersons, and Senators, would like to make it home in time to pour out their love and compassion on their Significant Other's. The majority are so loving, and filled with compassion, it would not be a surprise to see a new National Holiday! Don't call it tax day any longer, call it Love Day. Make this a tradition, so this time of tax reckoning will become a giant love fest! Thank you Representatives and Senators for putting the American majority in mind. Thank you for always putting the majority of your constituents first. Wow, I feel like playing the Star Spangled Banner! 
Tattooed Hearts & Broken Promisses
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