Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two-Year Limit For Innocent Spouse Relief Removed in 2011

 Innocent Spouse Relief: Removing The 2 Year Limit.
by Lori J Latimer - earthenwarehaven@gmail all rights reserved.

There are some cases and circumstances where a 2 year limit may apply. To make sure, either contact a tax professional, or go to (Innocent Spouse Page of link) 

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the difficulty for some Innocent Spouses to claim this relief from the tax / legal / credit due to their marital circumstances. 

A hearty Thank You goes out to members of Congress, the Department of Justice, The Internal Revenue Service for changing the two-year limit. 

So often people and families face life-changing events that impact them emotionally. Unknown to the general public, domestic abuse, missing children, absent adults, death and murder can have be jarring for the taxpayer as well. 

Some spouses are unable to claim Innocence against a criminal or abuser, because to do so will have dire consequences. In the past, an Innocent Spouse who may be in hiding, missing or under the power of another only had a two-year window of time to claim the Innocent Spouse relief. That has changed to take these type of circumstances into consideration.

What's up with Grizzly Bear Tax Care?

For many years, the majority of my winters and early springs were spent locked into a co-dependency between tax preparer, and tax payer. Each April I would leave "tax season" exhausted. 

Now I understand the Grizzly better. The need to rest is because whatever the Bear does, she does with energy purpose and exactitude. 

As she ages, the Grizzly realizes she must take care of herself too, and choosing the battles we help others fight become based on true urgency rather than stress and adrenaline of almost every tax payer.

This Grizzly Bear has been on a very long winters nap. My hibernation clock did not go off, and the cave was nice and warm. 

Hunger has finally awakened me. 

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