Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tax Filing Deadline Approaching 2014 - Healthcare

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Taxpayers, I feel for you. I know who you are, the ones who have been avoiding the taxes, or you are still gathering stuff up for the accountant. Some of you have already decided to file an extension, and you are just trying to earn some extra cash so you can put a dent in what you owe. 

In less than a month, your tax return is due, and you are pretty sure you will have to pay in again, or for the first time. Make sure you get the best tax advice, and don't be chincy when it comes to professional tax help. Just because someone is a CPA, or Bookkeeper or Enrolled Agent, if they are not focused on your case, or not well trained, they can mess you up. Find someone with a good reputation with the IRS and you will be assured to be taken care of. 

To further drive you to madness, a new deadline approaches...Open Enrollment for "Obamacare" is about to expire. Many in your tax brackets will not be concerned with any tax changes regarding the Affordable Care Act on your 2013 tax year. Most of you have been paying thousands of dollars per year in Insurance Premiums most of your working life. I can hazard to guess that unless you demanded to keep your insurance company who is not in compliance out of stubbornness most taxpayers should be glad to see total annual premiums and out-of-pocket expenses dropping.

Since you are stressed out beyond belief here is a word from Get Covered America

Okay. Now that you are feeling a little better: 

If you think you may have some 2013 costs or changes associated with the Healthcare law you can get help from the IRS Website. In today's announced "HCTT - 2014-10: What do I need to know about the Healthcare Law for my 2013 Tax Return?", there are links to find more information regarding the ACA and the affect it will have on your return.


Copied from (IRS 03.19.2014)

...However, for some people, a few provisions may affect your 2013 tax return, such as increases in the itemized medical deduction threshold, the additional Medicare tax and the net investment income tax.
Here are some additional tips:
Filing Requirement: If you do not have a tax filing requirement, you do not need to file a 2013 federal tax return to establish eligibility or qualify for financial assistance, including advance payments of the premium tax credit to purchase health insurance coverage through a Health Insurance Marketplace. Learn more at
W-2 Reporting of Employer Coverage: The value of health care coverage reported by your employer in box 12 and identified by Code DD on your Form W-2 is not taxable. Learn more.
Information available about other tax provisions in the health care law: More information is available on regarding the following tax provisions: Premium Rebate for Medical Loss RatioHealth Flexible Spending Arrangements, and Health Saving Accounts.
More InformationFind out more tax-related provisions of the health care law at
Find out more about the Health Insurance Marketplace at

It is important that taxpayers learn the facts about the Healthcare Law / ACA / or Obamacare. It is helping a majority of Americans, but many are missing out due to politics, lies and bad information. 

Please look into the benefits of having affordable health care. 

Stay well, and be healthy.