Friday, April 4, 2014

IRS2Go 4.0 Smartphone App Downloads Surpass 2.3 Million

IRS2Go 4.0 Smartphone App Downloads Surpass 2.3 Million

The IRS evolves well! 

Launched in 2011 the IRS2Go Smartphone App has been uploaded over 5 million times. 

In 2014 alone more than 2 million people downloaded the IRS2Go 4.0 Smartphone App. 

We hear many negative things about our Government and especially the IRS, and so it is only fair to give them props where they are due. 

Less than 2 decades ago we had not dreamed of a "Windows" program. The Window idea was introduced as "WYSIWYG" technology. That means What You See Is What You Get. 

The very idea of taking a beam of light by the end of our fingertips, clicking a big green (icon) button to "File" our Federal Tax Returns in 1994, was not even a fantasy.

We were using DOS operating systems to communicate from Tax offices to the IRS. Less than 30 years ago, we did not get a print-out from a printer via computer. We filled it out in Quadruplet, making sure to press down hard enough for the inky carbon paper to copy through each page. 

Considering that over half of the inquiries to the website, asking "Where's My Refund?," were from mobile users.

Let's go ahead and give our IRS, Treasury and other Government workers a big THANK YOU! 

It is hard to remember that "The Government" is made up of a bunch of people. Many are public minded, earning less money than in the private sector, and honestly care about their Government and it's People. 

Next time you go to complain about our Government, take a moment, and find something positive.  There are creative innovators who work for different agencies within the Government that work hard helping us out, and making getting information from the Federal and State governments much easier. 

Thank you very much for all you do.