Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Importance of Reporting Life Changes in Regard to the (ACA) "#Obamacare"

e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2014-22 by The IRS: e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2014-22 05/31/2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), touted as ObamaCare, has made drastic changes to our Tax Law. If this were FoxTV, there would be a bunch of misinformation to follow. The only reason I am even speaking of it, is because of how many people they have caused to deny themselves HealthCare and Insurance. Healthcare includes Dental and Eyewear. 

Now many Americans are experiencing the Health, and peace of mind in having Insurance. For some, this is the first time people in the U.S. have had Health Insurance. Many Americans are not able to enjoy the relief of being able to use Preventative Care, be healthier, and lead more productive lives. That is sad. One of the notes of propaganda that was spread like Oleo through the Southern States of North America was that Insurance Rates would go through the roof. It led to direct mis-understanding about the AFFORDABLE part.

Enrolled members should know, this was not meant to be a noose of tax liability to the taxpayer, this ACT was created to make healthcare affordable for all. Mitt Romney worked on the same plan for his own State, and helped write the ACA, as well as many who seem to be trying to destroy it, and the people it represents now.(?)

There are changes that can affect the Premium Tax Credit, many Americans who Enrolled will receive, to help Pay their Premiums. If you get too much, you will owe money at the end of the year, if your circumstances have changed to where it would affect your "enrolled ability to pay, and need," by turning in a CHANGE REPORT ( 

What Changes?

Premium Tax Credit - Help Purchasing Insurance through the Market Place

For those who declined enrollment, because they heard inflated numbers of premiums they would be responsible to pay should be given relief. They were unable to seek understanding of the ACA (Obamacare), because they were led to believe by their State, Federal Representatives, and GOP entrenched media; untruths which continue today.

I love to play Words of Wonder(TMDisney), but the ad I must watch to play for free, is often a middle aged couple from Arkansas saying things about AHA, that is not true, period. That entrenching of misquotes, and outright lies,  have caused Americans to either refuse, or dread one of the best things that has happened to our country for decades.
Personally, I now have Blue Cross, Blue Shield. My premiums would be almost $200.00 if I had to pay the whole thing, but my portion is very low, and I can afford it. I really am not sure how to use it, I am pretty healthy, and don't intend to become a pharmaceutical lab rat in my last days, so I shouldn't cost the taxpayers much. Most of my working life has been uninsured, or insurance too expensive to use. 
Oh, I am a taxpayer, and my blogs have not hit the big time yet, so I eke by on under $9,000.00 per year. I am lucky to be working in a job I love, it just doesn't pay a living wage. Having insurance, is just that. A net, should we slip from the perilous heights of "highwire fiscal survival", that most of us tip-toe across daily. 
Now, hopefully you have stopped being mad about the Fox crack, it honestly is not about politics, but about taxes. Unfortunately, what is happening in the media, driven by industrialists, is affecting the Tax Law, and not in the favor of the middle class and below. It is my goal to show some true information, and hand the reader resources they can check out for themselves. 

**For real information about the Premium Tax Credit, in English, and Spanish, with YouTube Videos Here is the Link:

I think there should be a respite for the many who have been so misinformed. It is hard to believe that people are allowed to get on television, call themselves "representatives," news stations that aren't news at all, merely entertainment. Since this is being done by the very people who were elected to serve THEM, it is my opinion that type of deception should be considered criminal. If I lied, and schemed, to the point of throwing my arm over someone else's Jesus, to cause someone to deny something they were due, I think that it may be a crime. Really.

There is a little respite for those who have had a life changing event, called a "Qualifying Life Event," if they did not enroll during Open Enrollment, they may be eligible to enroll. Here is the link to that page.