Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Free File IRS.Gov - Spread The Word

For taxpayers who earned under $58,000.00 annually, there are a lot of partner sites that can be accessed from The IRS Website www.irs.gov. The video below is an excellent informational piece for those who have been hesitant, or just not sure how to go to a trusted site with which to trust your tax information. 

An experienced tax expert, I have CPE credits for classes completed such as "Navigating The IRS Website." Personally, I have used several different partner software providers who are linked to the Free File program on the IRS.gov website. 

If your State has State Tax, then it may be more difficult to find free filing for the State, but in the first year of Free Filing, many of these partner companies will offer free State Filing for lower income persons.

For those who make over $58,000.00, and are comfortable with doing a more complex tax return, the taxpayer can use the same page to go to Free File Fillable Forms. There is no State filing on Free File Fillable Forms, but the taxpayer can do Amendments, and prior year taxes. I am not sure how far they go back, but I think quite a way back.

I hope this helps, and if you have not filed your taxes yet; what are you waiting for. There are millions of dollars in Earned Income Credit for qualifying taxpayers; many without children or dependents who are unaware they are eligible.

File On! Happy Returns!