Friday, January 30, 2015

Brashears Quality Furnishing, A Good Investment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brashears. All opinions are 100% mine.

#Return Home With Your #TaxRefund

Here at Grizzly Bear Tax Care I give tax and other financial advice. I do get an occasional opportunity to be paid to advertise.

Supporting local business and encouraging smart consumer spending is something I can get behind.

Today I am pleased to talk about Brashears Furniture. They are based in Arkansas and have been for decades. Brashears also has a store in Branson, MO.

It is "tax time" which means for a lot of us that we will have disposable cash for the first time in a year. Sometimes we lose our minds, and spend big chunks of our money on pleasures that are gone in an evening (unless there were good leftovers).

Consider how you would feel knowing that you invested in a few good pieces of furniture and / or decorative accessories. Everyday when you come home from trying to make a living you get to relax in that new Conner Recliner .

You can take the whole family out for Japanese Grill & Sushi and drop a few hundred bucks for one enjoyable experience, or look forward to getting a good nights sleep on your bed that you will own for years to come.

It is your money, you could use it to have a good time for a few days, or make an investment that you can pass down to your grandchildren along with the good memories attached to the quality pieces of  Brashears Furniture.

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  1. yes, a commercial...girls gotta live - This year if you are getting a good refund, consider shopping locally and keep the money in Arkansas. Check out @BrashearsFurniture and invest in a good bed or decorative piece for your home. Think of getting something that you can pass down to the Grands along with the good memories...back to our program. Thank you.


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