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IR-2015-57: Taxpayers in Increasing Numbers Find Help from

IR-2015-57: Taxpayers in Increasing Numbers Find Help from March 20, 2015 follow above link to the IRS website for more information.

At the Vernal Equinox of 2015, the Internal Revenue Service have gathered some statistics based on taxpayer use of the IRS website 

This year more than ever users are making use of the many tools available on their website. 

11% more taxpayers have used than they did last year in 2014. What is interesting to me is that the term eleven percent is relative to the other 88% - which is what?

The count of 11% of taxpayers is about 215 million users. Since March 13, 2015 "Where Is My Refund?, has been visited 164 million times in the last two weeks. 

From experience, I am sure that the same person, or firm may use the IRS website multiple times, even in the same day, but there is a decidedly larger bunch using the website this year. 

According to the article, there have been 15 (fifteen) million visits in the last seven days alone! 

?Cuando Recibire' Mi Reembolso? IRSvideosmultilingua
Where Is My Refund?

The second most visited link on the website, is "Get Transcript." So far in 2015, over 10 million people have ordered prior year tax returns from the IRS. Now that the IRS allows ordering on-line, it has made the process much faster. In the past the only way to get them was to visit you local IRS Office, or on phone, and/or by mail! Snail mail.

Obtaining Tax Transcripts by FAME Maine

There are many other handy tools available on the IRS website, such as; Request an Electronic Filing PIN, The Interactive Tax Assistant, Order Forms.

One other thing you may have noticed on the multilingual video placed within this article is that videos, pods, and other information can be found in many languages, as well as American Sign Language; 

ASL IRSVideos- Increase Fraud - The IRS Doesn't CALL!

It is my hope that your tax filing experiences are positive and that you are able to get the help you need with your Tax Return. 

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